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OMAX Waterjet Service

Why Zimmerman-McDonald Machinery for ALL your Omax & Maxiem Waterjet Support?

25 Nearly 25 years of hands-on Omax Waterjet experience

4 Omax factory trained certified technicians on staff

300+ Omax & Maxiem Waterjet Installations

1000’s of Omax & Maxiem Waterjet service/support issues resolved

0 Omax & Maxiem Models we don’t support

Ok so, we have a little bit of an advantage over others that offer Omax & Maxiem service and support because we have been distributing the Omax & Maxiem line in Missouri & Southern IL for nearly 25 years.  With all that time we have become experts with the technology and know the machines inside and out.  (We even stock a new Omax Waterjet).  We install all the machines we sell, provide training, warranty and after warranty support, provide parts, and offer preventative maintenance all from one of our four Omax factory trained service technicians.

Omax & Maxiem Waterjet InstallationWe provide installation for all Omax & Maxiem Waterjet models.  Current standard models – both cantilever & bridge style machines, including extended models in the -1, -2, and -3 series.  In addition, we can also provide installation for first generation Maxiem machines, Omax 80160 models & Fabricator models.   Since we have installed all these models both new and used, we understand the tools and consumables that are required for a proper installation. Proper installation is extremely important to ensure that you get quality cut parts…one of the biggest reasons for purchasing an Omax in the first place.

Omax & Maxiem Waterjet Preventative Maintenance It always seems like the best intentions, but we all get busy, and before you know it there are machine problems because the time to properly maintain the waterjet was never performed.  Let us save you costly downtime and possible additional expenses.  We can plan around a time that works best for you.  Our thorough program provides maintenance for the complete machine – table, head, drives, pump, and secondary components.  (Being factory trained provides a nice advantage).

Omax & Maxiem Waterjet RelocationWhether you are moving your waterjet across the shop, or across the country, it is extremely important to properly prepare the machine for transportation to save significant grief and expense after recommissioning.  Different model machines have different needs to ensure safe transport.  With every used Omax & Maxiem Waterjet we personally purchase, regardless of where it is located in the country, we send one of our technicians for proper decommissioning.  (It’s that important to us).

Omax & Maxiem UpgradesSometimes it just makes more sense to upgrade.  Everyone has a different need.  It might be service reliability, computer networking, software upgrades, drive performance, pump performance, and/or advanced cutting needs such as taper compensation or 5-axis cutting capability.  We are happy to discuss your waterjet needs and the benefits of any upgrade you wish to consider.

Omax & Maxiem Timely ServiceRepairs related to mechanical, pneumatic, pump, control, drive, electronic – we fix them all.  Having four factory trained Omax Waterjet technicians on staff provides quick availability, any place in the country, to provide you timely support and to eliminate downtime.  We service all models regardless of age.

Omax & Maxiem Remote Training & ServiceNot only do we provide on-site training and support, but we provide remote training as well through our augmented reality headset.  This saves time, and resources, and allows you hands on training on YOUR waterjet.  We see what the operator sees,  we can project additional resources, and we are in the operator’s ears through the whole process.  This has provided a great resource for secure and remote facilities.

Omax & Maxiem Advanced ServicesLaser certification, head calibration, advanced alignment…We have the tools and know how to dial your Maxiem and Omax Waterjet into its peak performance. 

Obsolete Parts Resource – Just like with computers, things evolve and change through the years.  Sometimes that creates situations where parts are no longer produced, or lead times for those parts are no longer timely.  Through the many years of providing upgrades and refurbishments and have collected a wide collection of parts.  (Maybe there is something said about not throwing things away).  Let us know if we can be a resource for those older Omax and Maxiem Waterjet parts.

Omax & Maxiem Rebuild/RefurbishOne thing we do different than anyone else in the United States, we have the expertise to take your Maxiem or Omax Waterjet back down to the base, and completely recondition/rebuild the machine.  We start with the base tank and build our way back up cleaning, painting, reconditioning/repairing/replacing – bringing each component into tolerance until we have a complete machine which is as close as you can find to a new machine in accuracy.  It takes more time, a lot more effort, and more expense, but the end result is well worth it.

Omax & Maxiem PartsWe stock over $250,000 worth of factory OEM waterjet parts in our facilities.  Each service technician stocks the most common parts in each of their trucks.  This provides fast turn around and greater up time for you.

Dang that is a lot of stuff!  If you have a Maxiem or Omax Waterjet and need support, we are the premier service company to exceed your expectations.  Let us know how we can be a resource.

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