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Preventative Maintenance

Machine downtime. Loss of production. Premature wear. Loss of tolerance. When is new no longer new?

Do you remember why you bought a new machine in the first place? Maybe it was for reduced setup time, dependable up time, or higher production capability than a used machine offered. Whatever the reason, you knew what you were getting when you bought new over used, and the decision made more sense.

With over 130 years of experience, we can help keep your “new” machine running ‘like a new machine’ for an extended period of time. With our experience, we understand what is required to keep these machines performing like new.

Often once a machine is purchased, people get busy and maintenance becomes an after thought until that unfortunate time arises…machine problems and downtime. No matter how high the quality of a machine, problems will develop without proper maintenance. Lack of maintaining machines can grow into considerable costs and excessive downtime.

We have a well-established Preventative Maintenance Program that has provided many customers with years of uninterrupted performance and high tolerance. We can provide a factory-trained technician on a six-month or yearly basis to inspect your machine(s), perform required maintenance, and adjust your machine back to original specifications as required. Once a year it is also strongly recommend that fluids be changed so that your machine will continue to perform at its highest level.

When is new no longer new? With preventative maintenance we provide you with the peace of mind that new can last for a very long time.